Who is Peter Low?

Hi! I am a guitarist and a music educator.
I am also the founder of GuitarFaculty.com.

I believe music education is an integral part of character development. My goal is to introduce the joy of playing music and help to elevate the musicianship in guitarists.

Based in Singapore, I teach in various public and private institutions. I am also a session guitarist who performs in various gigs and events.


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 Testimonials of Students

Peter is very knowledgeable. He taught me how to look into the chords and how they piece together to become a whole song. I've went through RGT Acoustic Guitar Grade Four and Five. If not for him, I would not have gone that route and learnt so much.
~ Emmanuel Ong, RGT Acoustic Guitar Student
Peter is a really good teacher. He is very patient and he knows his theory very well. And he will make sure that you know the basics first before progressing further into the lesson. I've learnt many chords, songs and progressions from him... Especially solos... I enjoyed learning solos the most, 'cause it's very interesting. I'll recommend not only my friends, I'd recommend all the beginners trying to learn guitar to Peter.
~ Tilden Tan, Rock & Pop Electric Guitar Student
Mr. Peter, as my guitar teacher, has been very patient and a good teacher. He always makes sure I learn and retain the knowledge I learnt from the lessons. He has taught me a lot of basic music theories, and also, most importantly, taught me to appreciate music as an essential art form. And I will recommend him to anybody who wants to learn music.
~ Terence Chong, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
~ Shawna Wu, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
Peter老师教了我很多弹吉他的技巧,细节,zhi lei 。我的目标是为了自谈自唱,所以他教了我很多,然后让我有这个能力去实现我的目标:自谈自唱。谢谢他细心跟耐心地教导。真的很谢谢Peter老师。
~ Xin Yu, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
I found Peter while looking for a teacher to guide me for Trinity Rock and Pop exams. Under his guidance, not only was I able to grasp the syllabus, I was also given extra knowledge out of the book. Peter has great theory knowledge and a unique way of application, which allows me (someone with no music background) to understand easily. I'm now able to play some solo's with much more expression. Definitely value for time and money.
~ Wilson Yeow, Leisure Electric Guitar Student
Peter is a skilful and yet patient guitar teacher. He is able to assess the student’s ability and help the student improve at a steady pace. He values the fundamentals and teaches them well. I have benefitted much from his lessons.
~ Timothy Yeo, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
I was looking for someone to teach me guitar and apply theory, such as playing scales and doing solos. I get to apply them quite fast because Peter teaches very well. I’d really recommend this for people who wants to know more about applying music theory on guitar. I think it’s value-for-money as well.
~ Cyril Tee, Leisure Electric Guitar Student
Peter is a very patient teacher. He explains concepts of solos, scales and chords very easily that relates to me.
~ Jobb Lim, Leisure Electric Guitar Student
Peter has been a teacher that’s been very patient with me. He is very detailed and he is very knowledgeable in his field of guitar. When he teach me, he goes through step by step, and he ensures that I really capture the parts before I actually move on. So with him, I have really advanced my guitar skill.
~ Jeremiah Wong, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
I can understand’s Peter’s teaching during the lessons that I’ve attended. For instance, chord inversions and chord constructions, and they are easily understandable and applicable.
~ Rebecca Ng
, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
Hi, to all beginners out there who are interested in learning guitar, Peter is a really patient teacher. After three weeks of lessons with him, my strumming has improved. So if what you need is an encouraging teacher who makes lessons fun as well, Peter is the one for you.
~ Frynn Ho, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
Peter is very knowledgeable, especially in the area of music and guitar theory which are essential for your basic. His style of teaching is very systematic and gradual, providing an overview of what you’ll learn. He’s able to provide knowledge according to your current standard even if you are just a starter. He’s able to explain the theory well, making it easy to understand. Peter also ensures you practice what you learn by giving you homework. I believe one is able to excel and get the most out of his lessons every time.
~ Dennis Chua, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
Having lesson taught by Peter is very comfortable and enriching at the same time. He is well equipped with both the practical and theory of guitar. Most important of all, you can feel his passion and patience while teaching. The skills and techniques he taught are also very useful  for beginners like me. I am glad to have him as my guitar teacher!
~ Boon Jun, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student
Han Yew is a very patient guy who would not rush through his lessons and does not mind repeating himself till you get the drift. He taught me drills that helped reinforce my learning experience. This also helped accelerate my learning curve. He also goes the extra mile of emailing us what are the things we should improve or work on after every lesson. He’s more like a friend than a teacher overall. (:
~ Eileen Chiam, Leisure Acoustic Guitar Student

Testimonials of Associates

“Peter is an instructor who is able to get a group of complete newcomers to be able to play the instrument and sing in a very short time.”
Charles Wong, Beatbox Trainer • Musician
“Peter has accumulated a wealth of teaching experience in government schools and private music institutions. He is highly effective in teaching music to both large and small groups. Having worked with Peter on several occasions, I observed that Peter's teachings are clear and easy to understand. To me, Peter is a very dedicated and responsible music teacher, trainer, instructor and coach. He is also very approachable and friendly.”
Aaron Low, Music Educator • Musician
“I have been working with Peter on covers of pop songs. Peter is passionate about incorporating different styles into guitar playing that creates new sound. He is versatile and also works hard to perfect the many different genres. We have very effective discussions on being creative. Great to work with Peter!”
Joann Wu, Singer • Actress
“Lessons conducted with Peter, as a colleague, are an absolute pleasure and regularly the most enjoyable lesson of my week. He has a very clear and concise way of delivering techniques and methods I would have otherwise not have been able to think of. Peter’s relentless enthusiasm and always brighten the day for the kids.His lessons are structured and well prepared with the focus on what they want to learn rather than what he wants to teach you.  I would not hesitate at all in recommending him to any guitar player looking for a teacher.”
Victor Lim, Guitar Teacher • Former Colleague • Musician
"I had the opportunity to co-teach a guitar enrichment class for Bedok South Secondary with Peter Low (Associate Guitar Instructor), from 17 to 24 May 2012. Peter was the main instructor while I was assisting him for class.Based on my observations, I have found Peter to be a passionate instructor who is eager to share his music and guitar knowledge to the students. Though it was challenging to get the student's focus, he managed to build rapport with the students within that short period of time and we went on to complete the enrichment class objectives.Peter is a competent guitar instructor who has a way with students and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is seeking to hire a good guitar instructor."
Esther Lim, Guitar Teacher • Musician
"Peter is a dedicated and patient instructor who ensures that the pupils understand the lesson that is being delivered. He is able to build strong rapport with the pupils." Janice Ng, Singapore Public School Teacher (East Spring Primary School, MOE)
"Peter is a patient and firm instructor who ensures that the pupils are able to comprehend his lessons thoroughly. He does so by modifying his instructions to suit the needs of diverse learners in the class."
Cheryl Seng, Singapore Public School Teacher (Fernvale Primary School, MOE)
"I have confidence in Peter to teach a class of children how to play ukulele as I could see he is an experienced trainer and children listen to him."
Yayah Farida, Program Coordinator cum Counsellor at Filos Community Services

Relevant Teaching Experience

Here Are Some of the Schools I Have Worked With

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No. School Instrument / (Year) Role
1 Anchor Green Primary School Ukulele / 14 Lead
2 Ang Mo Kio Primary School Guitar / 12 Lead
3 Bedok South Secondary School Guitar / 12 Lead
4 Bishan Park Secondary School Guitar / 13 Lead
5 CHIJ Katong Primary School Guitar / 14 Ukulele / 14 Lead
6 CHIJ Toa Payoh Primary School Stomp / 13 Lead
7 Chongfu Primary School Guitar / 14 Stomp /14 Lead
8 Damai Primary School Ukulele / 13, 14 Lead
9 East Coast Primary School GarageBand iPad / 15 Lead
10 East Spring Primary School Guitar / 12 Lead
11 East Spring Primary School Guitar / 12 Lead
12 East View Primary School GarageBand iPad / 13 Lead
13 Fairfield Methodist Primary School Ukulele / 15 Lead
14 Fuchun Secondary School Sony Acid / 12 Lead
15 Fuhua Primary School Ukulele / 15 Relief
16 Gan Eng Seng Primary School PAL / 13 Assist
17 Jurong West Secondary School Guitar / 15 Lead
18 Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Secondary School Guitar / 15 Lead
19 Lakeside Primary School Guitar (teachers) / 14 Lead
20 Maris Stella High Primary Ukulele / 15 Lead
21 Marymount Convent School TrackAx /15 Lead
22 Mee Toh School Guitar / 13, 14 Ukulele / 13, 14 Lead
23 Monfort Secondary School GarageBand iPad / 15 Lead
24 Nan Chiau Primary School Ukulele / 14 Lead
25 Ngee Ann Secondary School GarageBand iPad / 12 Lead
26 North Brooks Secondary School Guitar / 12 Lead
27 North Spring Primary School Ukulele / 15 Lead
28 North View Primary School Guitar / 13 Lead
29 Punggol Primary School Guitar / 12 Lead
30 St. Andrews Junior School Guitar / 13, 14 Ukulele / 13,14 Lead
31 St. Anthony Primary School GarageBand iPad / 14 Lead
32 St. Hildas Primary School Guitar / 13 Lead
33 St. Joseph Institution Junior School Guitar / 15 Lead
34 Tao Nan Primary School Ukulele /13 Lead
35 Temasek Primary School GarageBand iPad / 15 Lead
36 Wellington Primary School Guitar / 13 Lead
37 Woodgrove Primary School Guitar / 13, 14 TrackAx / 13, 14 Lead
38 Xinghua Primary School GarageBand iMac / 15 Cup Rhythm / 15 Lead
38 Xishan Primary School Ukulele / 13 Lead
39 Zhangde Primary School Guitar / 13 Lead

Here Are Some of the Subjects I Teach in MOE* Schools

*MOE stands for Ministry of Education

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