Month: July 2016

Amble (Slow Walk) in G – Original Guitar Instrumental

Amble – Acoustic Guitar Instrumental

Key: C (Capo 5 in G)

Key: G

Amble means slow walk.

When I was composing this piece, I was imagining a morning walk I every so often take in my neighborhood. Thinking about the fresh air, and the conversations I made with my Savior and Friend.

The morning dew, the aroma of the grass and stillness of heart. When I considered my concerns and cast my cares upon my Abba Father. The unspeakable joy, and the surreal sense of peace. Grace.

You may find the pace of the music flowing faster and slower in some sections. That is indeed so, because the tempo change a few times inside, to reflect the change in pace of thoughts.

Sometimes, I play it capo-ed on fret 2, making it into the key of A.

Life has its ups and downs, victories and stumbles. When I recorded this, I wanted to make the perfect version, and then I realized I kept making mistakes here and there. Even this version has its flaws. Nonetheless, here it is… Hope you enjoy it!

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小幸运 (我的少女时代 主题曲) of Hebe 田馥甄 – Cover by Shawna Wu (翻唱版)

小幸运 (我的少女时代 主题曲) of Hebe 田馥甄 – Cover by Shawna Wu (翻唱版)

Singer: Shawna Wu
Guitarist: Peter Low

Music rearranged by: Peter Low

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