Month: January 2017

Stay With Me – Punch – OST of Goblin – Guitar Instrumental Cover

Stay With Me – Punch – OST of Goblin – Guitar Instrumental Cover

Key: Eb (Capo 3 in C)

Stay With Me – Punch (Goblin OST)

Acoustic guitar instrumental cover
A Guitar Faculty Production
Goblin is a Korean drama screened in 2017.
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If you are into Korean dramas, I am sure you would know this drama. I would not consider myself a drama-junkie, but when I was recommended by a friend to watch it, it turned out I quite enjoyed it.

Bearing in mind this is a fantasy fiction helped managed my expectations a little. After all, fantasy shows often defies human logic. On the other hand, it is the hope and desires the audience identify with the characters in the plot that makes the storytelling engaging.

Alright, this post is not meant to be a review of the drama. I hope you enjoyed my performance covering the Original Sound Track (OST). Leave a comment below if you want. Take care!