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Online Lessons

How can I get in touch with Peter Low directly?

You may reach Peter Low directly through the use of the contact page. The URL of the contact page is:

Alternatively, you may choose to send him an email via:
support [at] GuitarFaculty [dot] com

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What is the rate of your online lessons?

Currently, there are two forms of online lessons.

  1. The free version. That is, all the public resources on this website.
  2. The paid version. That is via Skype. The rate is usually at USD $20 per 30min. However, depending on your arrangement with the individual instructor, the price is negotiable.

If you’re interested to arrange for a 100% quality trial Skype lesson with full money-back guarantee (no questions asked), feel free to contact us.

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What are your qualifications?

I had played as a session guitarist with since 2008. One of my milestones is to perform live in Singapore Indoor Stadium in front of about 4000 people.

I have been officially teaching guitar since 2012, and here some of the testimonials of my students and co-workers/associates:

For more testimonials, visit

I have and had been a member of the following organizations.

MOE AMIS (Music) Certification - Low Han Yew Peter

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