Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) / What is the rate of your private lessons?

Every instructor has his/her own rate, depending on the arrangement of contract between the student and the instructor.

Take for example, the rate per student of engaging Peter Low is as follow.

Duration Private Group Location Price ($) 

Acoustic Guitar

Price ($) 

Electric Guitar

per 30min 1 student’s 25 30
1 teacher’s 20 35
2-3 student’s 20 25
2-3 teacher’s 15 30
per 45min 1 student’s 35 40
1 teacher’s 30 35
2-3 student’s 30 35
2-3 teacher’s 25 30
per 1hr 1 student’s 45 50
1 teacher’s 40 45
2-3 student’s 40 45
2-3 teacher’s 35 40

*Group – Peter Low only allow a maximum of 3 students in a group session. However, if you really wish to have a group session for more than 3 students, please do not hesitate to contact him directly for further discussion. Peter Low is open to find a match for a win-win opportunity.

**Prices – The price above is a guideline for you to have an idea of how much you can pay to hire Peter. However, the prices are negotiable. Usually, factors such as level of technical difficulty and time/cost involved in the opportunity costs will be considered.

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